State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

The Institute is licensed to handle an educational activity in the sphere of professional education in virtue of the License of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science from December 20, 2011 № 2346 
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The Institute has a State Accreditation Certificate from June 22, 2015 90A01  № 0008238


The License of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science

State Accreditation Certificate

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute was established in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Tatarstan Republic from the 28.07.1992 №415 on the base of Tatar Evening Department of the State Academy of Oil and Gas named after I.M.Gubkin. The Ministry of education and science of Tatarstan Republic is the founder of the State budgetary educational institution of higher professional education «Almetyevsk State Oil Institute».

Today Almetyevsk State Oil Institute is:

- 5 faculties and 20 departments;

- more than 5500 students, auditors and post graduate students;

- more than 300 highly-qualified lectures more than 60% of them have science degree of PhD and doctors of science;

- modern laboratories, computer rooms, a library, a sport complex, a diagnostic centre, canteens, hostel; a printing office.

There are 14 specialize computer rooms are connected with internet system. More than 30 licensed computer programs are used in training process. All classrooms have the access to the local institute computer Net and it allows successfully use modern processing technologies in training process.

For excellent academic and scientific achievements students of our institute:

- scholarships of Academic Council of ASOI;

- scholarships named after PSC «Tatneft»;

- special State scholarship of the President of Tatarstan Republic;

- scholarship of Academy of Sciences of  Tatarstan Republic;

- scholarship of the Leader of Almetyevsk municipal region and Almetyevsk town;

- scholarship of closed joint-stock company «Khjulett-Pakkard»


Almetyevsk State Oil Institute continues training specialists for oil and gas industry on the following specialties:

130503 - development and operation of oil and gas fields (full and part time forms of study, evening courses)

130501 - designing, construction and operation of oil and gas pipelines and storage facilities (full time study);

130504 - drilling of oil and gas wells (full and part time forms of study, evening courses);

140104 - industrial thermoe-nergetics (full and part time forms of study);

151001 - technology of machine-building (full time form of study, evening courses);

130602 - machines and equipment of oil and gas fields (full time form of study, evening courses);

140604 - electrical drive and automation of industrial installations and technological complexes (full time form of study, evening courses);

220301 - automation of technological processes and productions (full time form of study, evening courses);

080104 - labour economy (full time and part time forms of study);

080502 - economics and management at oil and gas enterprises (full time and part time forms of study).

Since 2011 according to the license and the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation №63, January, 25, 2010 Almetyevsk State Oil Institute realizes bachelors training on following currents:

131000 - oil-gas concern (full time and part time forms of study, evening courses),

151000 - machines and their equipment production (full time form of study),

151900 - design-engineering support of mechanical facilities (full time form of study),

140400 - electric energy industry and the electric technology (full time form of study, evening courses),

220400 - management in engineering systems (full time form of study, evening courses),

220700 - technological-process and industrial automation (full time form of study, evening courses),

140100 - thermoenergetics and heat engineering (full time form of study),

080100 - economics (full time and part time forms of study),

080200 - management (full time and part time forms of study).

The institute has the license to realize magister training on currents which were titled above.

Selection board address: Almetyevsk, Lenin St. 2,

Tel.: +7(8553) 31-00-21, 31-00-17


There are the Minor Oil Institute, a physics-maths school, different technical circles, a number of advisory subdivisions for pupils.

Тhere is a guidance club «Career» for final year pupils who is going to enter the ASOI. In this club students meet with the leaders and the lectures of the Institute, representatives of social students' organizations, the winners of students` Olympiads.

Annually the lectures of ASOI take part in training of schoolchildren of Almetyevsk and Almetyevsk region for municipal, zonal, and republic Olympiads. The most active lectures of Tatarstan Republic are invited for master-classes.

The school of a young politician functions at the institute on the initiative of the deputies of Duma. The main aim of this school is to help schoolchildren and students to master the basic principals of carrying public policy, assist their active participation in civil initiative of the society.


The scientists of the institute carry out fundamental investigations required by manufacture on the following directions:

- fundamental investigations of molecular conditions of liquids at porous surroundings;

- intensification of oil and gas production in fields of Tatarstan Republic;

- development of technology of qualitative drilling-in;

- development of mechanism against asphaltenes-resins-paraffin deposits on the last stage of field development;

- problems of electroenergetics and energy resources at extraction, collecting, treating and transportation of oil,

- financial and social problems of the region.

With the aim of ASOI efforts unification on science research realization, staff training and retraining in the sphere of automation production by financial support of JSC «Tatneft», the science-educational center of automated systems of production management was created in 2009. This center is rigged up by equipment and up to date techniques for such modern enterprise as «Taneco».

In particular, such leading companies as Yokogawa (Japan), Uma (Germany), Lufkin (USA), Roxar (Norway), etc. took part in rigging up of this center.

Lectures of department of automation and technology processing got trained in leading Russian and foreign educational centers.

This center allows lectures and students to work with real oil fields data and use them in the process of training and scientific research.

At present in order to extend new staff training directions, ASOI in cooperation with JSC “Tatneft” and its enterprises of scientific and training centers fulfil the following work:

-     on problems of mining residual, high-viscosities and crude bitumens;

-     on horizontal directional drilling;

-     on problems of production life of oil-field equipment;

-     on complex geological hydrodynamic simulation of oil fields;

-     on ecological problems and others.

The student's scientific and technical society, student's section Volgo-Kamskoye of branch of the International society of petroleum engineers SPE «Volga» at the Institute.

Students are actively involved in research work. With the guidance of the institute scientists more than 30 % of students are captured by scientific work.

Annually in ASOI the student's scientific sessions takes place. Since 2005 the pupils of base schools participate in student's scientific sessions.


One of the most important directions of ASOI activity is the training of specialists of the highest qualification according to the program of post-graduate studies. Postgraduate studies at ASOI were founded in 2001.

The training of  post-graduate students current scientific directions determines actuality and subject of scientific investigations in oil industry.

The Institute realizes training process on educational programs of post -graduate educational activity in 4 scientific directions:

25.00.17 development and exploitation of oil and gas fields;

25.00.15 technology of drill and development of wells;

05.02.13 machines, installations and processes (in oil-gas industry);

05.11.16 processing-metrical and control systems (in oil-gas industry).

There is a possibility of choice of the training form on each scientific speciality at post-graduate studies  it may be full time or part time education, non-residence (grad and).


Almetyevsk State Oil Institute orginezes training process of further vocational education programs. The main activities are the training of students on specialties and directions of the Institute, including all variety of companies activities and oil and gas enterprises:

-         advanced training,

-         retraining,

-         training for professional occupations,

-         further education of students.

Terms and forms of the training process are set in accordance with the curriculum of the program and the customer`s requirements by virtue of the treaty.

There are developed more than 200 programs of postgraduate courses and professional retraining in ASOI that trained specialists: JSC “Tatneft”, JSC “Belkamneft”, JSC “Surgutneftegas” and other trusts and companies of Russia, and specialist from foreign oil companies: Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Turkmenistan, Syrian Arab Republic, the Great Socialist people's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and other.

Classes are conducted by the leading lectures of ASOI, Higher Educational Institutions of Tatarstan Republic and Russian Federation. Specialists of industrial enterprises and scientific institutions are invited for practical training.

ASOI is the unique institute of Tatarstan which trains students and technical workers for getting the right of technical management of mountain works under the programs coordinated with Russian Technical Inspectorate of Tatarstan Republic.

At the institute educational activity is carried out by the following:

- under 10 programs of professional retraining with assignment of following additional qualifications:

- the expert in major repairs of wells;

- the expert of technological supervision and the control at well building (drill site supervisor),

- the expert in management of oil field development,

- the expert in the automated dispatching management of oil and gas pipeline transport,

- the economist-analyst of the industrial-economic organization,

- the manager of the personnel development,

- the manager on marketing,

- the manager of oil and gas business,

- the teacher of the higher school,

- the worker of state youth policy sphere.

- under 13 programs of labor profession training:

- 11078 - equipment operator,

- 15643 - switcher,

- 15824 - oil and gas production operator

- 15832 - bore-hole surveying operator

- 15866 - operator of well pre-paration for capital and under-ground repairs

- 15870 - underground well repair operator

- 16199 - computer operator

- 16835 - well repairs driller assistant

- 16839 - the driller assistant of operational and prospecting well drilling of oil and gas

- 18494 - the mechanic of control and measuring instruments and automatic equipments

- 18497 - the mechanic of drilling site service

- 18505 - the mechanic of heating system service

- 19861 - the electrician of electric equipment repair and service


The leisure-healthful centre (LHC) in ASOI was created in 2000.

There are dance studio «Vdokhnovenie», ballroom dance studio, chorus, theatre club «Debut», vocal-instrumental band «GOST».

The most vivid and memorable event at the institute is the festival «Students` spring». Different contests are held during the festival: team amateur review competitions contest, exhibition of arts and crafts, review competition for the best scientific-research work, sport competitions, contests for the best anti-drug slogan and wall newspaper, etc.

Traditionally such events as Dedication to students, the Day of the Institute, Tatyana's Day, St. Valentines` Day, Literary room, tournament «The best boys of

ASOI», «Perfect couple», «Miss ASOI», the festival of students` creativity named after S.Suleimanova «Tormysh Isenme» are held.

There is the Literary drawing-room at the Institute. The works of participants of a drawing room are regularly published in local and republican magazines, and they are grant-aided students of the award of S.Sulejmanova of fund of spiritual revival «Ruhiat» JSC "Tatneft" and republican literary competitions prize-winners. The poetic almanac «poetry Pantries» is published in ASOI newspaper.

There is a sport complex at the Institute. It has modern sport facilities. The Institute also rents the swimming pool and gyms in the Sport complex of JSC «Tatneft».

10 kinds of sport are popular among the students. The students are trained by professional teachers, and masters of sports. More than 300 students go in for sport.

Volleyball, basketball, ski, mini-football, track-and-field-athletics, table tennis, chess are the most popular kinds of sport among the students of ASOI.

Annually the students successfully take part in municipal, republican, russian and European and World championships. Our students are the World champions, winners and prize-winners of the Championships of Russia and Tatarstan of various kinds of sports.

Many of them are members of national teams of Tatarstan Republic, JSC "Tatneft" and Almetyevsk town.

National teams of ASOI constantly win top places by results of Games of high schools of the South-East and Games of high schools and the special technical educational institutions of Almetyevsk.

The cyber-club «Entoma» has been opened for students of the Institute since 2003. Our students are constant participants of municipal and republic tournament on cyber-sport.

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