Almetyevsk State Oil Institute has 2 student dormitories.

Basic documents and regulations:

Application for living in a dormitory

Information on the provision of public services

Regulations on the student dormitory

ASOI student residence rules


Nonresident applicants who take the entrance tests conducted by ASOI independently, are provided with the free of charge dormitory residence for the period of the exams.

For those enrolled in the 1 course in full-time education in 2018, 160 residential places are allocated.

The dormitory residence is not available for non-resident students enrolled in part-time (evening) and extra-mural education.

The building of the dormitory No.1 and No.2 of the Almetyevsk State Oil Institute are among the best student residences in the city. Students' houses are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable living; they have warm and comfortable rooms, spacious kitchens and showers.

The distribution of places in the dormitory takes into account the social situation, social activity, and the class progress of students applying for a place in the hostel.

In each dormitory, student self-government has been established, which resolves issues of compliance with discipline, eviction, certification of residents, organization of leisure, sports, educational activities. All the work of the student council is carried out in close cooperation with the deans, the leisure and recreation center, and the public organizations of the Institute. The activities of the student councils of the building No.1 and No.2 are coordinated by the Student Trade Union Committee of the Institute and the educators of each dormitory building.

Building No. 1 is located at 41a Tukaya Avenue. Building No. 1 has residential 2, 3, and 4-bed cozy rooms, equipped with modern furniture. 300 students live here.

Building No.1 meets the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, which created excellent conditions for safe living and successful study. The 24-hour checkpoint is equipped with an “alarm call” button and a fire alarm panel.

There is the classroom with individual desks, drawing boards, computers with access to an electronic library and the Internet. Building No.1 has a psychologist's office. Students and staff willingly seek advice, and group training conducted by an educational psychologist fosters a caring and reverent attitude towards each other in a team.

In building No.1 there are also a rest room with a TV, a sports room, a luggage room, showers, a drying room, and a laundry.

Building No. 2 is located at 53 Telmana street. It is a nine-storey building that meets the requirements of sanitary norms and rules, which create excellent conditions for safe living and successful study.

The checkpoint is equipped with an “alarm call” button, a fire alarm panel, and there will be video surveillance in the future.

Living blocks, in which 2 and 3-bed residential rooms are located, are equipped with modern furniture, each room has a fridge and a TV. The kitchen is equipped with a kitchen set, there is an electric kettle, microwave, ironing board, iron. The washroom is equipped with sinks, there are mirrors, automatic washing machine, dryer. Each unit is a shower.

For the first-time residents, they should have with them:

1. Doctor's certificate with test results from the dermatovenerologic dispensary.

2. Doctor's certificate from the AIDS center with the results of HIV tests.

3. Doctor's certificate with the result of the passage of fluorography.

4. A copy of the passport - 2 copies.

5. A copy of INN - 2 copies.

6. A copy of the insurance certificate (pension) - 2 copies.

7. Photos of the 3x4 size - 2 pcs.

8. Cash to pay for accommodation in a dormitory.


Students of the 2, 3, 4, and 5 years of residence should have:

1. A new copy of the passport (upon reaching 20 years) - 2 copies.

2. Photos size 3x4 - 2 pcs.

3. Cash to pay for accommodation in a dormitory.


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