Green Energy

On November 16, 2018, Green Energy, a discussion platform in English, was held in Almetyevsk State Oil Institute as part of the first-ever International Science and Innovations Forum of PJSC TATNEFT and ASOI. Its goal was, on the one hand, the development of the English-speaking competence of TATNEFT employees and ASOI students, and on the other hand, the generation of new ideas and the popularization of the ideology of resource saving and ecological production.

This time the organizers (the head of the International Projects Department of ASOI T.I. Ziapparov and the employee of the department O.A. Shmagina) decided to completely retreat from the previous format of the youth scientific-practical conference and not to limit the number of participants to 33 years of age or their membership to ASOI and PJSC TATNEFT. At the first stage, in absentia, participants had to prepare a video or essay with the consent or disagreement on the topic “Renewable energy cannot replace fossil fuels”. More than 60 applications were received, which was why the organizers decided to increase the number of candidates for the second round from 20 to 25 people. By the way, it is interesting to note that the most thoughtful and well-argued essays and videos were received from the advocates of hydrocarbons, i.e. conventional fuel. Proponents of alternative fuels appealed more to emotions than to strict facts.

In the second, full-time, stage of the event, the participants were divided by lot into 5 teams, which went on to defend “their” type of energy: hydrocarbons, nuclear, wind, hydro, and hydrothermal energy. The debates were held in a very lively, sometimes even heated atmosphere. Team members asked each other very thorough and sometimes even tricky questions. After the coffee break, all the teams received another task - to give their predictions and proposals for an environmentally friendly energy sector for PJSC TATNEFT as part of the Energy Strategy - 2030.

The entire review process and presentations were closely watched by an expert commission consisting of the head of the international cooperation department of the Corporate University of PJSC TATNEFT O.D. Tsygina, Lead Engineer of New Technologies Management in Drilling of PJSC TATNEFT M.F. Ismagilov; Professor of Geophysics in Mashhad University Ferdowsi Peyman Mogaddam; Associate Professor of the Department of Electrical and Thermal Power Engineering ASOI E.V. Ryumin; English Language Teacher of ASOI Alicia Smoke, and Assistant of the Electrical Equipment Department of KNRTU-KAI I.S. Metelev.

Even before the event, it was decided to select not the best participants, but the strongest and strongest team. Each team had its own "stars", pulled out by their erudition, energy, and excellent English of the other, less active participants. However, the commission, in addition to good English, reasoning, active listening, assessed primarily teamwork.

It was very difficult for experts to determine the best team, but most of them agreed that the team consisted of Artur Akhmadiev (NGDU Almetyevneft), Vyacheslav Melnikov (PJSC Taneko), Kirill Alyakin (NGDU Leninogorskneft) and Tagir Nafikov ( ASOI), has demonstrated the strongest team building skills and the most profound understanding of the topics of the discussion platform.

In addition, the experts noted the achievements of two participants, Bulat Khakimov (SheshmaOil) and Farid Khazipov (NGDU Almetyevneft), and awarded them with special prizes.

It is true that not all the best participants received the award and not all were satisfied with the team-based and not the individual-based rankings. Perhaps the format of the event, the principles and criteria for evaluation will be revised in the future. However, there is no doubt that Green Energy turned out to be an interesting and unforgettable event and made many participants and guests think about the importance of alternative energy sources in our daily life and for the planet as a whole.

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