English dictation

On November 30, the Department of Foreign Languages, together with the Department of International Projects, conducted the so-called “English dictation” under the auspices of Kazan Federal University. Such English-language event was held for the first time in the Republic of Tatarstan, although a similar ‘Total dictation’ in the Russian language has already become a good tradition for the whole of Russia.

In this debut year, dictation was dedicated to L.N. Tolstoy, in particular to his passion for music. As the organizers themselves admit, the text turned out to be very difficult and in the future they will make the dictation not only for the level of philology students who have the practice of writing such dictations in their educational process but for a wider audience as well.

160 of ASOI students participated in the dictation. Even though none of the participants fulfilled the formal conditions for winning the competition (no mistakes at all) or for being awarded a prize (no more than one spelling and one punctuation mistakes), the organizing committee of the dictation decided to distinguish the 11 best participants from ASOI with special certificates.

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