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From university to  Labour market in the 21st сentury: a step forward in work-based placements - UniLab

  The project meets the requirements of the cross-cutting regional priorities for joint projects - Developing the higher education sector within society at large. The specific area of the project lies in University - enterprise cooperation.


      Grantor                             610245-POP-1-2019-1-BE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

      Project code                     European Commission (EC)                  

      Programme                      Erasmus + Capacity joint project

      Dates of the event            2020-2022

      Coordinator                      CARME ROYO - Executive Director of EUCEN 

       Project website:                                 

Relevance of project

 Improvement of the graduates' level of qualification and ensuring the effective transition of graduates from university to the enterprise, expanding the possibility of students to acquire the necessary competencies and work experience during their studies, development of an effective model to facilitate the recruitment of university graduates.

Project aims

  •  Contribution to the modernization of the higher education sector in three partner countries (Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Russia)                   
  •  Strengthening partnerships between enterprises and higher education institutions and increasing the employment rate of graduates   
  • Development and implementation of Unilab's innovative production practice model, aimed at facilitating the development and popularization of training in real-life situations

The consortium members are committed to develop an efficient model of cooperation between universities and enterprises in the field of education, promoting student’s internship and placement, improving occupational guidance and extra-curriculum training programs. The project is also meant to launch a constituent dialogue between academia and enterprise, drafting models and incentives to reach the governmental bodies. The project involves the main actors concerned: universities, enterprises and governmental bodies and other stakeholder, incl. professional associations, NGOs, etc

Projects Participants


 Barcelona School of Management – Universitat Pompeu Fabra (ES)   

  IMC Fachhochschule Krems (AT)

   Universite de Lille (FR)


Russian Universities:

  Orenburg State University (RU)

   Lomonosov Moscow State University (RU)

   Siberian Federal University (RU)

   Almetievsk Sate Oil Institute (RU)

Belarusian Universities:      

   Mogilyev State University (BY)   

 Gomel State University BY             

Universities of Azerbaijan:

 Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University

 Khazar State University (AZ)

Target groups

Universities (teaching staff, students, alumni, administrative staff, researchers)

Enterprises, big, medium and small businesses, industry (local, national and international levels);

                   Local and national authorities;             

Society at large.

   The set of project objectives are realistic and feasible in the 

  • contributes to solving the problems of lack of cross-university cooperation in regard to practical placement and zero information on practical placement models abroad (AZ); lack of international models of practical placement (RU, BY) and meets the universities needs to identify and accommodate curricula and the methods of teaching used for the needs of business and employers, etc. (RU, BY).
  •  contributes to solving the problem of poor links between practical placement and further employment (RU, BY, AZ) and meets the students’ needs and expectations that are not always met (RU, BY).
  •  contributes to solving the problems of lack of the staff’s competences for introduction of new models (RU, BY, AZ).
  •  contributes to solving the multiple problems of poor understanding of labour market requirements and poor contacts with market leaders (RU, BY, AZ) and meets the needs for modern references for effective internships, better guidelines, video tutorials, reference materials for effective internships (RU, BY, AZ).
  • contributes to solving the problems of poor cooperation between HEIs and business and meets the needs for better practical placement and further employment (RU, BY, AZ).
  • contributes to solving the problem of international internship (AZ, BY) and meets the need of sustainable development (RU, BY, AZ).

Contacts at ASOI                   Vice-Rector of Organizational Development
                                                             Idiatullina Enze Dakuanovna,
                                                        candidate of pedagogical science,

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