History of Almetyevsk State Oil Institute

During the Great Patriotic War, when our country lost oilfields in the Caucasus, research and geological exploration of oilfields began in the territory of the Tatarstan.

At the end of the 1940s, the famous Romashkinskoye field was discovered in Tatarstan. This event radically changed Tatarstan’s southeastern region and had a huge impact on the life of the whole Republic.

Specialists from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and other parts of the Soviet Union came to the new oil region. However, regular labor force and engineers who came to a new field could not meet the needs of expanding production, especially the need in specialists with higher education.

Under these conditions, the training of the workers from the region’s oil enterprises was recognized as the best option.

Moscow’s Gubkin Oil Institute met this challenge and opened its training and counseling center of the correspondence faculty in September 1956 in Almetyevsk. In 1958, this center was rearranged into the branch of correspondence faculty.

By the Decree of the Higher and Secondary Education Minister of the USSR No.16 dated 03.01.1959, the Tatar evening faculty was organized on the basis of the correspondence faculty of the branch of Gubkin Oil Institute branch.

Shchurov VI, Kasyanov NM, Kinzikeev AR, Arkhipov KI, Kozyrev VM, Matveev VN. worked as deans of Tatar evening faculty during the period of 1959 – 1992. This faculty graduated about 3,000 oil engineers for the oil and gas industry in five specialties.

On 21.02.89 the Board of Studies of Gubkin Moscow Oil Institute decided to reorganize the Tatar Evening Faculty into Almetyevsk branch of Gubkin Institute as a factory-technical college at the Tatneft. The first admission to this technical school was in 1990.

Almetyevsk Oil Institute was established by the Republic of Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers decision of July 28, 1992, No.415 “On the transition of the Tatar Evening Faculty of I.M. Gubkin State Oil and Gas Academy to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Tatarstan state bodies». In 2003 the Institute was renamed into Almetyevsk State Oil Institute.

V.N. Matveev became the first rector of the Almetyevsk Oil Institute. In October 1999 A.A. Emekeyev became the head of Institute, and in 2016 he was replaced by Robert Nurgaliyev.

The founder of Almetyevsk State Oil Institute is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan (hereinafter - the Founder). Location of the Founder: Kazan, 9 Kremlevskaya st., 420111, Tatarstan, Russia.

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