I am ASOI's student - Abduhalim Saparmamedov

I came from Turkmenistan to study in Almetyevsk State Oil Institute. I earned bachelor's degree in "Drilling gas and oil wells", and this year I completed my master's degree in "Construction of gas and oil wells in difficult mining and geological conditions". When I entered ASOI I've made up my mind to study well in order to meet my parent’s expectations. While studying at ASOI, I've become really interested in learning English. Moreover, ASOI offers amazing opportunities to study English using different approaches. Becoming an active member of ASOI's English Club, I've decided to defend my graduation work in English. On this journey I always had a support of my mentor, head of the Department of Drilling gas and oil wells, Liliya Khuzina. The topic of my graduation work is - "Features of Rotary steerable System at the drilling horizontal wells". It focuses on rotary steerable systems and their comparison with downhole mud motors and their advantages in the drilling of horizontal wells.

-Abduhalim Saparmamedov, graduate of ASOI

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