Representatives of the Alabuga Special Economic Zone at ASOI

A meeting was held in ASOI on September 27, 3rd and 4th-year course leaders met with representatives of the special economic zone Alabuga. The Alabuga special economic zone is one of the most successful economic zones in Russia. In 2015-2019, Financial Times recognized the Alabuga SEZ as one of the best SEZs. To date, 66 resident companies have been registered in the Alabuga SEZ, 33 companies are already engaged in industrial and production activities, including Kastamonu, Armstrong, Transneft synthesis, Ford Sollers, Air Liquide, Rockwall, ZM, and others.
Students got a chance to know the company, programs for university course leaders, and ways to interact with the employer. Maria Davydova, HR of the economic zone, offered future graduates not only employment but also WBL and internships in the field of energy, production automation, economics, analytics, and other areas of activity.

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