Department of International Projects

The purpose of the Department of International Projects is development and implementation of international educational projects of the Institute, development of international relations, implementation of joint scientific research, and enhancement of the Institute's prestige abroad.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the Department of International Projects are as following:

1. Organization and coordination of all forms of international cooperation of the Institute, such as:

· preparation of programs, agreements and other documents in the field of international cooperation of the Institute.

· search, establishment and maintenance of relations with foreign partners.

2. Coordination of activities of the Institute's units for the development and execution of international agreements, programs, projects, and contracts.

3. Assistance to the departments, creative teams and staff of the Institute in their initiatives for the development of international relations in the implementation of joint mutually beneficial projects with foreign partners.

4. Organization of the participation of students, graduate students and staff of the Institute in programs of external academic mobility.

5. Information support of the international activities of the Institute. Collection, analysis, provision, and dissemination of information on international cooperation.

6. Information support for international projects and programs.

7. Formation of the Institute's database on international cooperation activities.

8. Establishment of contacts with Russian and foreign companies, organizations, educational centers in order to improve the qualifications of teaching staff.

9. Reception of official foreign delegations, participation in the organization of international events on the basis of the Institute and abroad, travel abroad official delegations of the Institute.

10. Taking necessary measures to achieve the planned results and continuously improve the international activities of the Institute.


Department of International Projects

Almetyevsk State Oil Institute


2 Lenina St., Almetyevsk, 423450, Tatarstan, Russia

Tel: (8553) 31-00-84


Olga Pavlova Gencha



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